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Meet Nancy Silberkleit, Candidate for Rye City Mayor

Today we introduce you to Rye Mayoral candidate Nancy Silberkleit

Nancy Silberkleit 2nd

What are the three most important issues for Rye in 2014?

  1. An updated City Plan
  2. Flooding
  3. Rye “Public” Facilities provide membership fees that are affordable to the people of our city. 

Rye Playland. Questions:

  1. Which of the Rye Playland alternatives do you favor? Sustainable Playland  We have a historic entertainment site that is crumbling and a motivated group that has credible management capabilities. I would encourage any construction/ architecture that blends harmoniously with the surroundings, wildlife  sanctuary, scenic water. As Mayor I would push  to scale the project back, firm up its scope and fight diligently against any scope creep.   I feel they have not realistically considered the impact on traffic back up.  Before I would fully give it my support I need to be shown a firm end-to-end project budget commitment and full disclosure on all points above. 
  2. Do you believe the financial performance of Rye Playland has been misstated by the County Executive (yes or no) and should the financial statements of Rye Playland be audited by an independent auditor? NO. This is an outdated entertainment center and facility that requires a lot of maintenance. With Playland in its present state, I feel it is not generating a profitable revenue. 
  3. What’s your favorite ride at Rye Playland and why? Just because you may see the arena of politics resembling the ride of a rollercoaster, we should not assume all  candidates  enjoy amusement rides! LOL I love the historical parts of Playland! 

Rye City Budget and Infrastructure. Questions:

  1. What percentage of the city’s budget is comprised of healthcare and pension contributions? 21%
  2. What can and should Rye be doing to control city employee healthcare and pension costs? It is now up to all to share the responsibility in making sure appropriate and responsible plans are in place and will work in the long term. The city needs to be clear and act now by, among other things, implementing a realistic long-term plan, that reflects other neighboring communities. We want to take care of retirees but today's economics will require all to be flexible and accepting of what  a "Pension" means today.
  3. Infrastructure in Rye: The Central Avenue Bridge in Rye was replaced this year, six years after it was washed out in the floods of 2007. Questions:
    1. What are the three most important infrastructure projects in Rye City?
      1. Walk ways must be safe; 
      2. All walls abutting roads that may have been subjected to damage must be attended to;
      3. Maintenance (and where necessary replacement) of sewer drains, and pipes. 
    2. Is it ever appropriate to defer needed infrastructure maintenance or improvements even if in the end the deterioration results in a more expensive project? Yes, Every tax dollar must be spent wisely in the best interest of the community.
    3. What is the best way to fund infrastructure? Again using tax dollars wisely, and overseeing expenditures stringently.  Further I will implement creative projects that will enhance budgets designated to where work is needed.

Nancy Silberkleit

Flooding in Rye. Questions:

  1. What has been done in Rye since the 2007 floods to mitigate future
    ? Beaver Swamp Brook in Harrison was halted and
    now we are all awaiting the results of the sluice gate.
  2. What still needs to be done to mitigate flooding concerns in Rye City? Identifying problematic upstream conditions and continued communication with our neighboring municipalities. We must be actively in unison with county, state and municipalities creating plans to control the waters.

Rye Town Park. Questions:

  1. Should Rye City own and run Rye Town Park, yes or no? YES
  2. If the government entity Rye Town is dissolved and goes away, should the park fall under the ownership and control of Rye City, Westchester County or someone else? Rye City. Having jurisdiction would allow us to operate the park with in  the needs of our community.
  3. Should dogs be allowed off leash in the park, yes or no? YES  within the area for a dogs.Our residents are requesting free parking during specific hours. Many Rye residents have requested a dog run. I am in favor of both.  

The TD Smoke Shop on Purchase Street. Questions:

  1. Should the Smoke Shop stay open, yes or no? YES 
  2. Should the Smoke Shop stay open even if it means the City needs to intervene with the building owner or others, yes or no? YES. As Mayor I would want to have good relations with all building owners, so when there are situations such as the Smoke Shop, hopefully we can all work towards  favorable agreements.

The Rye Golf Club has been mired in scandal and badly mismanaged. Questions:

  1. Does the Rye City Manager Scott Pickup hold responsibility for mismanagement and if so, what consequences should befall Mr. Pickup? I do not have all the details to make a statement.  I will say that I am concerned about the turn over of city managers that Rye  has experienced in the past. For one to become familiar with the operation of the city takes so much time, I would be more encouraging not to seek consequences but clear communication on protocol going forward.
  2. In the future, what needs to be done to place proper auditing and financial controls? Utilize accountants that are skilled in this area.
  3. What specifically should happen with the dining facility at Whitby Castle? Hire a  well-known  restaurateur!
  4. Should Rye Golf Club members be forced to pay a $300 food minimum, yes or no? NO

Green issues in Rye. Questions:

  1. Is Rye being overbuilt, yes or no? YES
  2. Should there be rules about cutting down trees of a certain size or age? NO. If we are talking about safety its up to the home owner, if its construction the city does need to intervene.
  3. Do you support the plastic bag ban in Rye, yes or no? YES
  4. Should we cull the deer population in Rye, yes or no? YES
  5. What else should we be doing to make Rye a sustainable city? Utilize Rye’s history! I would like to see the 17century style be more visible! Lets have folks represent colonial  history by offering walking tours  in our streets filled with  history. It’s fun, entertaining and educational!

Word Association: tell us the one word you associate with each of these topics:

I personally find seeking an opinion from me on folks who have served or serve our community  is not  in line with who I am, nor how I wish to campaign. I am running to bring a new culture, style to the city council and its community.

Scott Pickup:  no answer
Doug French: no answer
Steve Otis: no answer
George Latimer: no answer  
Judy Myers: no answer  
Bill Connors: no answer  
Rye City: History
Central Avenue Bridge: Questionable
Bowman Avenue Dam Sluice Gate: Science
The Smoke Shop: History
Rye Little League Parade: Community
Rye Recreation: Dedication
Plastic Bag Ban: Environment
Rye Playland: History
Rye Marshlands Conservancy: Special
Edith Read Sanctuary: Special
Rye Garnet Football: Community
Harrison Huskie Football: Community

Tell Us About Your Campaign:

What “ticket(s)” are you running on? Independant

Who else (if applicable) is running on your ticket? no answer

What local organizations have endorsed your candidacy? no answer

What are the three most important endorsements you have received from local residents? Every signature I received  to secure my running was “most important”

How much money has your campaign raised as of Sunday, October 20, 2013? $200

How much of the money raised to date is from you, your immediate family or relatives? $200

How much of the money raised to date is from individual donations of $100 or less? no answer

What percentage of money has been spent on postal mailings to Rye homes? ZERO

What percentage of money has been spent on advertisements in local newspapers or web sites? $4

What comprises the other major expenditures? no answer

Who is your campaign manager and where do they live? no answer

Tell Us More About You:

Where do you live in Rye? Greenhaven

How long have you lived in Rye – since what year? 25 years

What’s your day job? Co-CEO Archie Comics

If your co-workers (from your day job) were to describe you in a single word, what word would they use?  Caring

Did you have a summer job in high school and if so, what was it? Waitressing

Tell us about your family. One daughter who is Graduating Middlebury and who just applied for the Fulbright…Mother like daughter seeking challenging opportunities!

What’s your favorite Rye area restaurant for “date night” with your partner? Rubie’s

What’s your favorite Rye area restaurant for take-out or delivery when you are having dinner at home with your family? Andy’s & Jun&Ho

Where might we find you on a Sunday morning? Walking around neighborhood, farmers market

What is your most unusual skill?  Extreme Patience

What is your political affiliation? Non Partisan

Your favorite major league baseball team: no answer

Your Facebook page: NancySilberkleit

Your twitter call: Accidentalboss

Your campaign web site: NancyforMayor.org

Thank you Nancy!


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