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$1,845.65 Raised for UNICEF by Osborn Students

Check out the great iniative of some second graders over at the Osborn School, great work!:

Osb. Unicef

(PHOTO: Mrs. Krane’s class proudly displays a check in the amount of $1,845.65 for UNICEF.)

Mrs. Krane’s second grade class at Osborn School took a heartwarming approach to Halloween this year, leading a school-wide effort that resulted in $1,845.65 raised for UNICEF!

After reading an article about UNICEF in Scholastic’s Time for Kids magazine, the class was intrigued by the charity organization’s ability to help others. The children and their teacher brainstormed ways to develop a fundraising activity scheduled around Halloween trick-or-treating. Inspired to make a difference, their idea grew to include the entire school!


(PHOTO: Students sort and count coins to determine the amount of money raised.)

Mrs. Krane ordered 700 UNICEF boxes, which were distributed among students who were excited about the opportunity to do good deeds during their traditional trick-or-treating festivities. Once the boxes were returned in the days following Halloween, the class sorted the money and wrote about the experience. The coin counting supported the math curriculum, while the essay exercise strengthened writing skills.

The students’ well-composed summaries not only described the initiative but also captured the value that was gained from it; the students understand the importance of giving to others and helping those less fortunate. They explained that the money raised will help UNICEF to provide clothes, food and water, school supplies, and more for children in need of these items.

Thanks to the collaboration of Mrs. Krane’s class and the participation of students and staff throughout the school, donations are going a long way! The children at Osborn learned that they can work together to make a big difference.


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