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Letter: Former Councilman Cypher Casts Vote for Sack and Rye United

In a letter, former Rye City councilman Bob Cypher says he is casting his vote for Sack and the Rye United team:

It is with sadness and disappointment that I see that my friend and former running mate, Peter Jovanovich, has accepted the embrace of the “Rye Citizens First” group of former council members and their supporters, in his bid for mayor. Consider their destructive legacy:

Attempted to subvert the express will of the voters by rescinding the recreation bond issue of 2002. (a “betrayal” –Journal News editorial)

Illegally refused to use the bond proceeds for recreation purposes (which eventually went to Rye Town Park, not the Damiano Center)

Breached the City’s contract to rebuild the Damiano Center, resulting in a lawsuit, that the city lost on summary judgment.

Appealing the judge’s decision to the Appellate Division and the Court of Appeals, losing both times, running up legal costs in the process..

Attempting to subvert the elected Republican District leaders by dictating the choice of candidates, and bolting the party when their bullying, anti-democratic  tactics failed, in the 2005 election, in which Peter Jovanovich was one of the Republican candidates

Running a third party slate that failed to elect a single candidate, splitting the Republican Party, and ensuring a Democrat sweep.

Their complaint then was that I cooperated with a Democrat, Steve Otis, to preserve recreational opportunities for children and seniors.  Their complaint now is that the Republicans reached across party lines to nominate a registered Democrat, Kristen Bucci.

I am sorry that Peter Jovanovich has accepted the support of the very group that sabotaged his candidacy eight years ago.  For these and other reasons, I support Joe Sack and the Rye United Team. They will act in the best interests of Rye, reach out to all parties, and will not be beholden to a small, self-selected group that has caused the city so much damage.

Robert S. Cypher (R) City Councilman 2001-2005
75 Orchard Lane
Rye New York 10580


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