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Letter: Resident Charmian Neary is for Sack

Rye resident Charmian Neary says she is for Sack:

I agree with Doug Carey. I’m a Democrat and I will be voting for Joe Sack.

Doug really nails it here: "The Joe Sack I know has been a kind, considerate person who does not have a mean bone in his body, yet a tough negotiator who isn't afraid to stand up for justice."

That handful of Democrats who are supporting Peter Jovanovich under the pretense of valuing civility must have been watching X Factor or something on Wednesday nights. They could not have been paying attention to the council meetings then endorse Peter Jovanovich with a straight face.

I’d like to remind those errant Democrats — there was a 6 to 1 Republican majority on the council. Joe Sack often was alone in acting as the minority member — the Democrat if you will — because those elected on that line went along with the Republican majority for their own reasons.

Joe was in the minority too often when it was time to do the right thing. The most egregious example was the matter for which the council should be most ashamed, including Catherine Parker. I refer to the way Andrew Dapolite was treated when he revealed he was asked to lie to the public, and to the council itself, by Rye City employees. Only Joe voted on Andrew's behalf, and as a Democrat that resonates with me. We should speak truth to power, not lock arms with power and create a wall and call it consensus.

Who needs that kind of "civility"? Should the people who spoke on Andrew's behalf just have stood meekly at the lectern, said their piece, then sat down and shut up in the name of politeness? A young man was reviled from the dais by our elected officials because he didn’t want to lie. It is that kind of dishonesty and arrogance which pollutes our politics and tears our community apart.

I close with a very short video to refresh your memory as to Peter Jovanovich’s style of speaking to his fellow citizens: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRHHcbCjx2Q


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