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Letter: Resident Pineault Says He is United

Letter from Rye resident Mitch Pineault:

Honesty, Integrity, Accountability, Respect, Responsibility, Confidence, Pride, and Judgment.

In life, as is taught through golf, we work to ingrain these Core Values in our children that we hope will be passed on to family, friends, colleagues, and future generations for a lifetime.

The recent scandal involving Rye Golf Club violated these core values. The investigation continues with Joe Sack leading the effort to restore what we value most for our community. There is no better team than Joe Sack and Rye United to manage the City of Rye and reestablish honesty, integrity, accountability, respect, responsibility, confidence, Rye pride, and better judgment.

Please join me on Tuesday, November 5th in voting for JOE SACK for Mayor of Rye and the Rye United team, Kirstin Bucci, Terry McCartney, and Julie Killian, for City Council.

The last city council election was decided by a mere 6 votes. Your vote – and that of your spouse or voting age children — truly does matter. You will vote at your normal voting place. If you do not know where this is, visit http://citizenparticipation.westchestergov.com/find-polling-place.

Please vote http://www.ryeunited.com/about_us!
Polls are open from 6am to 9pm.

Mitch Pineault


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