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UPDATED (with Sack response): Letter: Resident Predun Asks Sack @ His Views on Wetlands


Rye resident Julie Predun wants to know about Rye Mayoral candidate Joe Sack's position on wetlands:

Hi Joe,

I've received much information about all the outside developers you have endorsing you.

As someone VERY concerned about building in Rye – either too big or near wetlands I was wondering if you could clarify your position on these two issues.

Flooding is my main concern and I feel the zoning board already gives too many variances for building near wetlands what is your opinion on this?

I was planning to vote for you but the above two issues REALLY concern me.

Thank you.

Julie Predun
50 Mendota Ave

Here is Joe Sack's response submitted to MyRye.com:

Dear Julie,

Thank you for your nice words, and your questions.

As you know, I am also concerned about flooding, and am committed to exploring upstream retention as a longer term solution.

As to house size, I learned early on in my public service in Rye of the importance of applying the appropriate balancing test between the rights of the property owner and the impact on the community, the legal standard which is always applied.

I am certainly aware of the concern of many in the community with regard to house size in general, and I have proactively met with numerous neighbors and groups to hear their concerns.  I am confident that the council and the city's land use boards will continue to work towards achieving the proper balance in all individual cases that arise.

As to wetlands, of course they are extremely important and are protected by our laws, which should be applied equitably as well.

I am disappointed that in the final days of the campaign, my opponent and his political ally, the outgoing mayor, have decided to make such outrageous allegations, and cast such negative comments on my character and record.

Sincerely, Joe


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