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Home Government Nancy Silberkleit Says She is Out & Congrats Sack

Nancy Silberkleit Says She is Out & Congrats Sack

Nancy S

Rye Mayoral hopeful Nancy Silberkleit has conceded the race to Joe Sack. Silberkleit sent a cartoon PPT as her message, download it here.

No concession yet from Peter Jovanovich, but it looks like an uphill climb at this point.

Silberkleit's comments:
To the 15,720 plus people of Rye: I am happy that you have chosen dedicated and capable folks to fill the seats that were open in this election – and there were many! I'd also like to extend a special congratulations to our new Mayor Joe Sack. 

I personally had an amazing experience, all due to those who got me on the ballot, as well as those that just gave me that kind thumbs up. I like to add that my opponents were genuinely kind, supportive and respective of this new path I had chosen. Thank you Joe, Peter and Matt – campaign manager to Peter. I would like to let you know at one time Matt pulled me aside to let me know there were two bloggers near me! 

I would like to take this time to add clarity to the press around me and my company. At no time were my opponents a part of a particularly nasty flyer that was intended to damage my character. My message to all on that and the bizarre drama popping up surrounding me in my campaign is this: Never let anyone define who they want you to be. You know who you are! Get busy in your life. As co-owner of Archie Comics, I have done my very best every day to uphold the values the company has stood for 70 years! People of Rye remember my words above: Never let any one define who they want you to be! Stay focused with your dreams – they are yours, and not for the taking! 

We all have work ahead of us and the big issues will always come back to money. I hope that some of the platform I stood on will be utilized, such as implementing credit cards into the parking lots; bringing our 17th century history into the streets; seeking out a developer for a two tier parking lot behind TD bank; and turning the parking lot behind Starbucks into a green lawn. I urge the Mayor to seek out the children in the schools that may run from the thought of a Mayor or a city councilperson – invite them to be Mayor or a councilperson for 15 minutes – let them get that experience! 

% of reported votes: 28%

Rye City for Mayor results:

Peter Jovanovich 324 or 25%

Joe Sack 954 or 73%

Nancy Silberkleit 32 or 2%


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