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Osborn Students Share Special Stories Including One About Broccoli

Osborn stories

Students in Amy Reitzig’s first grade class at Osborn School participated in a ribbon cutting to commence their first Writing Workshop of the 2013-14 school year. The ceremony kicked off the program’s "Small Moment Stories Unit," and was attended by Principal Angela Garcia, Assistant Principal Torrance Walley, and Osborn the Bear.

Mrs. Reitzig read the book, “Night of the Veggie Monster,” by George McClements, and then led a class discussion about the steps of writing a good story. The classroom was buzzing as the children talked to each other and brainstormed about "small moments" they too could focus their own stories on. They were eager to begin writing!

Later in the day, Mrs. Garcia, Mr. Walley, and Osborn returned to hear the children share their Small Moment Stories.  Students were excited to share their memorable moments! They wrote about experiences like going on the tire swing, play dates, getting new shoes, and even trying broccoli for the first time! 

The excitement captured in Mrs. Reitzig’s classroom is a result of a professional development initiative to improve and expand literacy practices. Teachers at the elementary level are receiving professional development in the teaching of reading and writing from experts in the field, including author Sharon Taberski.


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