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Your Money, McMansion Diet, Talk to the Camera, Talk to Joe: Items on the Rye City Council Agenda for December 4, 2013

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(PICTURE: Rye City Hall by local artist Heather Patterson)

The city council's agenda for its meeting on Wednesday, December 4, 2013 is out.

There will be regular meeting held by the City Council of the City of Rye on Wednesday, December 4, 2013, at 8:00pm in Council Chambers at City Hall. The Council will convene at 7:00pm for Executive Session to discuss attorney/client matters related to contract negotiations.

Office Hours of the Mayor by appointment by emailing dfrench@ryeny.gov.

Meetings are also aired on Cablevision Channel 75 and Verizon Channel 39. We'll also see you on the Internet (live and archive).

Let's check the batting order and highlights from the 19 agenda items.

  • Doug's Details. Mayor’s Management Report: Update on General Code Revision Project, Flood Mitigation Update, Capital Projects Update, Legal Update
  • Devil in the Details. Mayor and Council amendments to the proposed 2014 City of Rye Budget. Roll Call.
  • Your Money. Public hearing on the proposed 2014 Budget.
  • McMansion Diet? Continuation of Public Hearing to amend local law Chapter 197, Zoning, of the Rye City Code, Section §197-1, “Definitions and Usage”, to amend the definition of “STORY, HALF”, and Section §197-43.2, Subsection B, “Attics” to amend the Calculation of Attics in Gross Floor Area.
  • Smoke Condition. Continuation of Public Hearing to adopt a local law to amend Chapter 197 Article IV “Use Regulations” and Article VI “Appeals” to establish regulations regarding outdoor fire pits and outdoor kitchens.
  • Clearly Clary? Continuation of Public Hearing to add a new article to the Rye City Code to provide tax exemptions for improvements to historic properties.
  • The City's PIN Number? Authorization for the City Manager to enter into a Master Federal-Aid Local Project Agreement with the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) for the Rye City School District Pedestrian Improvements (SRTS) project under PIN 8761.10. Roll Call.
  • Do You Solemnly Swear? Acceptance of Grant Award from the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office in the amount of $3,130 to purchase equipment for the video recording of statements. Roll Call.
  • Thinking We Get a Yes on This One. Consideration of a request by the Westchester County chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) to have a ribbon initiative in the Central Business District during the month of May 2014.
  • Turn Out the Lights! One appointment to the Conservation Commission/Advisory Council for a three-year term, by the Mayor with Council approval.
  • Open Mic. A Crowd Favorite. Residents may be heard on matters for Council consideration that do not appear on the agenda.
  • Talk to the Camera. Old Business. Update the City’s Resolution to Televise.
  • Talk to Joe. New Business. Discussion on process to fill two City Council vacancies.

The next regular meeting of the City Council will be held on Wednesday, December 18, 2013 at 8:00pm.


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