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The Absurdity of an “Official City Newspaper”

Official newspaper Sack

12. Designation of official City newspaper.

During Wednesday night's Rye City Council meeting, there was an extended discussion of how outdated the idea of an "official city newspaper" is – but alas, it is required by New York State law to be used for legal notice posting. "This should be an obsolete requirement," said Rye Mayor Joe Sack. We agree.

The council once again voted to make the Journal News the official paper and make the extra step of making the Rye City Review (pending legal OK) the "alternate" paper.

MyRye.com brought up the absurdity of this anachronistic state law back in 2011 and we wanted to remind folks of those discussions and our offer to post city legal notices at no cost. The offer still stands (Dawn, just let us know…):

Time to Digitize Official Legal Notices; MyRye.com Volunteers – January 11, 2011

Digitizing City of Rye Legal Notices – UPDATE – January 28, 2011

Take That: Digitize Rye Legal Notices and Save $16,385.17 – February 2, 2011

Rye City Legal Notices (we posted a few notices but the program was not continued)

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