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13th Annual Great Midland Read Aloud

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As part of a Midland School tradition that is held in conjunction with Dr. Seuss’s birthday, students and staff members excitedly took part in the Great Midland Read Aloud on February 28. During this event, which was held for its 13th consecutive year, students visited their classrooms from last year for a special reading activity with their former teachers.

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Kindergarten children, in their first year at Midland, went to fifth grade classrooms. Other students who were new to the school this year were also assigned classes to visit. All other students in grades 1-5 lined up with their former classmates and walked back to their rooms from 2012-13. As many students dressed up as their favorite storybook characters, the hallways were filled with some of literature’s most famous personalities!

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The Read Aloud is a much-anticipated event that further enhances the enthusiastic sense of school spirit that exists throughout Midland. It was an enjoyable opportunity for students and staff members alike to connect through a reading celebration.


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