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Rye 2nd Hardest Working Joint in NY State – Survey Says

Looking at adjusted median household income (median household income compared to cost of living, higher being better); average time spent commuting (higher); unemployment rate (lower) and average hours worked per week (higher), California firm Movoto Real Estate says Rye City is the 2nd hardest working town in all of New York State after nearby Scarsdale.

Here is their write-up on Rye:

2. Rye

Hardest Working Places In New York

Source: Flickr user Doug Kerr

In second place is the city of Rye and its 15,720 residents. Of that population, 93.8 percent are employed and working a whole lot of hours each week; an average of 42.9 hours, to be exact. Combine that with the No. 5 commute time average of 39 minutes, and Rye workers probably feel like they’re always either at work or commuting to and from it. This city’s work is never done.

What might be a rye fact to some is that, despite the huge number of hours worked, the adjusted income ranking for this city only comes in 23rd for that criteria. While $146,069 is nothing at all to scoff at, it pales in comparison to No. 1 Scarsdale. Perhaps a little raise is in order?

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