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Milton Students Celebrate Earth Day with Gardening Mom

Happy Earth Day Celebration!

The weather brightened up just in time for Milton School students to enjoy Earth Day celebrations and gardening lessons. During a recent Earth Day event sponsored by the Environmental Committee under the leadership of Elisabeth Kreydieh, children and adults showed their love of the Earth by wearing various shades of green. Students entered a lunchtime raffle, vying for nature-related gifts.

Kids gardening

It is also an exciting time for the Environmental Committee’s Butterfly Garden, which is entering its first spring season. Birds will be able to seek refuge in the garden’s bird bath, and butterflies will have numerous plants from which to choose.


Milton’s second grade has begun its annual Gardening unit. Shannon Smith, the school’s phenomenal “Gardening Mom,” will be meeting with second graders throughout the spring to plant, care for, and eventually harvest vegetables. The gardens were just refurbished with beautiful new beds. The children’s work will culminate with a “Garden Feast,” where they will be able to sample the “fruits” of their labor (AKA vegetables).  The program also aligns well with the second grade’s last Science 21 unit of the year, which focuses on “Observing and Measuring Changes in Living Things.”


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