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Check Your Kids Facebook Pages: Rye’s Twenty-four Hour Polar Plunge

Here is a new tip from Rye Middle School Principal Ann Edwards:

"Dear Parents,

There is a new activity in town that I wanted to tell you about.  The game is called “Twenty-four Hour Polar Plunge.”  Kids are taking videos of other kids jumping into the cold waters of Long Island Sound.  These videos are being uploaded onto Face book and then three other people are nominated to take the plunge.  Those nominated are expected to video their completed plunge within 24 hours. Apparently lots of teasing ensues if the plunge is not completed.

I know this is an out of school activity, but I thought you would want to know about it.  The dangers are obvious to us adults: there are no lifeguards on duty and the frigid water temperatures can cause serious medical reactions.  One middle school student has badly scratched legs because she got into the water by climbing over the rocks.  Of course, I want out kids to be safe.

Ann Edwards"


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