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Eat Dinner with Your Kids Next Tuesday

Cancel the business trip. Bag the late meeting. Catch the early train. Punt the tennis tournament.

At least for next Tuesday, May 13th. You can return to all regular dis-functions on Wednesday:

"First-Ever Rye Family Night Scheduled for May 13

Rye City School District Superintendent Dr. Alvarez recently announced what he hopes will become a new tradition: Rye Family Night. On Tuesday, May 13th, the school community will take a night off from today’s typically busy schedules to allow families the opportunity to share quality time together. 

Dr. Alvarez’s collaborated with other administrators in order to create an evening free of homework, sports, and other activities. Midland PTO chairs Leigh Geller and Melissa Hieger were instrumental in coordinating this opportunity. Community organizations will likely become involved as well.

“The idea of Rye Family Night is to spend time as a family eating dinner, playing games, watching a movie, having a conversation and spending time together in any way you find meaningful and rewarding,” Dr. Alvarez stated. “Our hope is that this will be a wonderful evening and that we can do something similar each year. We encourage you to slow down, relax and spend time with your family on May 13.”"


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