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Midland Students Meet Their Leader


May 19 was an exciting day for Midland School students; it was the day they met their next principal, Mr. Jim Boylan, for the first time. The children were all smiles as they noticed the new face in the hallways and eagerly shook hands with their soon-to-be school leader. Mr. Boylan introduced himself to every student and staff member he crossed paths with as he toured the building.


Mr. Boylan received warm welcomes in each classroom that he visited. The students were eager to speak with him, to learn more about him, and to share their favorite things about school and their teachers. Staff members were also pleased to have this opportunity to get to know the principal with whom they will soon be working closely. During his day at Midland, Mr. Boylan also met with Superintendent of Schools Dr. Alvarez, retiring Principal Angela Grille, Assistant Principal Mrs. Joanne Napolitano, and other administrators, gearing up for the year ahead. 



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