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Home Schools "All-Doors-Locked" Security Policy at Rye Schools

“All-Doors-Locked” Security Policy at Rye Schools

Recent Rye Board of Ed notes describe new security procedures at our school. The review, which started earlier this year, was precipitated by the Newtown tragedy.

Here is the most recent update:

"Ms. O'Connor discussed security, noting that the District underwent a review from StoneGate Associates, its security consulting firm. As an outcome of this collaboration, an updated Emergency Management Plan was created with regulations for each school building. Additionally, a corresponding Quick Reference Guide was developed and is posted in each classroom. Training and drills were also conducted with Rye City first responders. Security was also reviewed from a facilities standpoint as well with input and guidance from Facilities Director, Sam Carder, and certain upgrades will be made over the summer. An all-doors-locked policy was implemented as well.

The District-Wide Safety Plan was revised to incorporate the recommendations from StoneGate Associates and District Counsel. It also incorporates input provided by the Health & Safety Committee, which includes representation from each unit within the District; administrators, teachers, aides, custodians, and clerical staff, along with Security personnel, and parents, and members of the community. Mrs. Pasquale and Ms. O'Connor thanked all who participated in this process."


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