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Competitive Playroom-ing in Rye

You work hard to live in Rye and provide a beautiful home for your children. Instead of a man (or woman) cave, you have given your children a playroom with all their favorite toys.

Well, man up and try harder.

A local business, for a starting fee of $500 for an initial consultation, will tell you how to make a truly stimulating Playroom for little Sally or Billy.

You do want your little angles to have every chance to succeed, right?:


(PHOTO: Karri Bowen-Poole of Rye explains smart playrooms.)

"Three area moms and former educators have created a philosophy, system and business by designing stimulating spaces for families. “I started Smart Playrooms about six years ago,” says Karri Bowen-Poole, a mother of three in Rye, N.Y. “I was looking for a way to bring in all my knowledge and expertise as a teacher and a parent into some field.” Now, Bowen-Poole and her Connecticut partners, Chris Simpson of Darien and Jennifer Purdy from Westport, have overhauled more than 300 playrooms in the past five years, turning shelves of plastic fruit and figurines into education stations, helping kids to expand their minds while easing parents’ busy days…

For a minimum of $500, the three women can whip a room into shape. “So many of our families say it really dramatically changed their lives,” says Bowen-Poole. “The children are not only playing more creatively and independently but the parents are less stressed.” Best of all? Thanks to neat bins, labeled with words and pictures, clean-up is a breeze in this creative space that the child manages himself."

Read the rest at WTIC Fox.


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