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New Blue, Wrinkle City, More Banks?, Cash for History: ITEMS ON THE RYE CITY COUNCIL AGENDA FOR JULY 9, 2014

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(PICTURE: Rye City Hall by local artist Heather Patterson)

The city council's agenda for its meeting on Wednesday, July 9, 2014 is out.

There will be regular meeting held by the City Council of the City of Rye on July 9, 2014 in Council Chambers in City Hall at 7:30pm. The Council will convene at 7:00pm and it is expected they will adjourn into Executive Session to discuss collective bargaining. 

Office Hours of the Mayor by appointment by emailing jsack@ryeny.gov or contacting the City Manager’s Office at (914) 967-7404

Meetings are also aired on Cablevision Channel 75 and Verizon Channel 39. We'll also see you on the Internet (live and archive).

Let's check the batting order and highlights from the 22 agenda items.

  • New Blue. Introduction of Police Commissioner William A. Pease, Jr. and recognition of Lt. Scott J. Craig, Sgt. Julio C. Rossi and Police Officer James P. Foti. 
  • Wrinkle City. Continuation of the Public Hearing to change the zoning designation of County-owned property located on Theodore Fremd Avenue and North Street to the RA-5 District to provide for the construction of affordable senior housing. 
  • Woof! Public Hearing to amend local law Chapter 76, “Dogs”, Section §76-5, “Running at large 
    prohibited” and Section §76-6, “When leash required” to establish regulations for the 
    leashing of dogs at Rye Town Park. 
  • Transparency. Public Hearing to amend local law Article 6, “Council” of the Charter of the City of Rye to amend §C6-2 “Powers and duties” to add Section G to provide all Council members with the same authority as the Mayor as outlined in Section C7-1G to “examine the books, papers and 
    accounts of any board, commission, department, office or agency of the city.” 
  • Wash Out. Authorization for City Manager to enter into a settlement agreement regarding the United Water rate case. 
  • Open Mic. A Crowd Favorite. Residents may be heard on matters for Council consideration that do not appear on the agenda.
  • Your Fired! Consideration to set a Public Hearing to amend local law Article 6, “Council”, Section § C6-2, “Powers and duties”, Article 8 “City Manager”, Section § C8-2, “Powers and duties of 
    City Manager” and Article 12 “Department of Police”, Section § C12-1, “Head of Department; subordinates” of the Charter of the City of Rye to provide the City Council with the authority to approve the appointment, suspension or removal of the Police Commissioner. 
  • More Banks? Consideration to set a Public Hearing to amend local law Chapter 197, “Zoning”, of the Rye City Code by adding Section 197-15, “Special Permit for Historic Preservation in the B-2 
    Central Business District” to permit banks on the first floor of a building when certain conditions are met upon approval of a Special Use Permit by the City Council.
  • Slow It Down. Consideration to set a Public Hearing to amend local law Chapter 191, “Vehicles and Traffic”, of the Rye City Code by amending Section §191-7, “Speed limits”, to lower the 
    speed limit to 25 miles per hour on select roads, including Stuyvesant Avenue, Van Wagenen 
    Avenue, Forest Avenue, Oakland Beach Avenue, and Milton Road, during the Pilot Study recommended by the Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Committee. 
  • Cash for History. Resolution to transfer $10,000 from the Contingency account to fund the restoration and placement of the City of Rye Mile Markers. 
  • Patronage. Designation of two members to the Boat Basin Nominating Committee. 
  • FOIL'ed. Appeal of denial of FOIL requests by Timothy Chittenden.

The next regular meeting of the City Council will be held on Monday, August 4, 2014 at 7:30pm. The meeting will include the Presentation of the 2015-2019 Capital Improvement Plan.


  1. Good god . Slow down to 25mph on the major roads through Rye ? It already takes 20 minutes from one side of Rye to other and now it can take longer ?
    Its NOT the speed limits , you numbnuts . Its the massive number of Suburbans , Yukon XLs , and Escalades lumbering through these neighborhoods in long lines to reach schools , clubs , etc and Rye politicians have only themselves to blame for our wildly overcrowded crumbling 3rd world style driving conditions by approving every McMansion and multi-family apartment builders can shoehorn into here . It also explains why the schools are exploding at the seams and taxes need to be jacked higher & higher .

    Yeah , slowing it down to 25mph will fix things .

  2. Perhaps somebody who actually plans to still be in Rye in 5yrs might stand up at this town meeting and see if our elected leaders are even remotely aware of the massive condo / retail stores complex getting pushed for the old United Hospital site ? Picture a few thousand more cars trying to jam into the wildly overcrowded Route 1 area near the entrance into Kohl’s / Whole Foods ? Its physically impossible which means only one thing : those thousands of cars will instead head down Hill Street and end up driving through Evergreen , Grandview , Ridge Street and turn the area into a war zone of cars . Just imagine this every day Rye Country Day is open and their hundreds of drop off cars also pack into those streets .
    Good times coming in Rye . Lets keep focus on banning plastic bags or keeping Playland a money losing falling apart disaster as well as figure out new ways to get around property tax caps to jack our insane taxes even higher to pay for the hundreds of new kids cramming into all those rental buildings that have gone up everywhere in Rye .
    Stick a fork in it , this town is done and it was your leaders you voted for who oversaw it


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