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Rye Capital Improvements Project Name: DPW – Fuel Tank Replacement

The news cycle is pretty slow here is Rye in August…

So we thought we'd profile some of the 55 projects on Rye City's capital improvement plan. These are projects (not a budget) of costs greater than $15,000 that are on a recommended plan for the 2015 – 2019+ time horizon.

Read the entire plan (starting on page 4) or tell us what you thing of the various projects are we profile them.

This one looks like a ticking enviro time bomb… that we ar deferring until the year 2019 (aka deal with it later).

Project Name: DPW – Fuel Tank Replacement

Project Type: Building
Department: Public Works
Project Priority: Moderate
Project Start Date: 2019
Project End Date: 2019

Project Description:
The project calls for the removal of the underground fuel tanks at the DPW fueling depot and their replacement with above-ground tanks.

Estimated Project Costs:
Engineering/Design $20,000
Construction $165,000

Funding Availability:
Sources of Funding:
2019+: General Revenues $185,000

Project Need/Issues:
Remove the underground gas and diesel tanks and replace them with above-ground tanks. The present fuel depot at Disbrow Park has two 4,000-gallon underground tanks. These tanks must be tested annually for leaks and, if leaks are detected, repairs are difficult and expensive.

Operating Cost Considerations:
If the tanks develop leaks, the City could incur considerable expense in cleanup costs and potential fines. The tanks were last repaired in 2004 and are manually inspected and tested.


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