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Sal’s Pizza Turns 50 Years: Celebration Sunday

Sal's flyer

MyRye.com always and only writes about activities within the boarder of our fine city. Exceptions are rare but we have always taken the time to acknowledge the best pizza there is a few miles away at Sal's in Mamaroneck.

The venerable pizza joint is celebrating it's 50th anniversary this Sunday (August 24, 2014) at 1pm with a block party. Rumor is regular and sicilian slices will be sold at $0.50 (for 50 years).

Sal's counter

This writer has been enjoying Sal's since 1981. And we are certain some of our readers have stories of enjoying Sal's Pizza and the gruff attitude of its staff from the early days to present day (please share in the comments). Not much has changed in the join (at least since the 1980s) with the exception of the gelato bar addition in 2007.

Let's hope Sal's makes it another 50 years. I'll do my bit to continue supporting this fine enterprise.

Happy birthday!


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