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OG’s Football History Part Three: THE RYE – HARRISON RIVALRY THROUGH THE YEARS – (‘29-‘13)

Rye's OG (Old Garnet) is giving all of us a history lesson on Rye football: THE RYE – HARRISON RIVALRY THROUGH THE YEARS – (‘29-‘13). Today is part three of six.


Starting late in the ‘51 season, Rye embarked on an unusual journey covering 4 years and 33 straight victories including 4 consecutive shutouts of the Huskies. As the widely anticipated ‘55 game approached, the ledger tallied 11-10-2 in favor of HHS with Rye eagerly expecting to knot the record for the 1st time in series history. Both teams were undefeated, and a crowd of 20,000 jammed the entire bowl at Rye Stadium after weather had twice postponed the game to its ultimate Thanksgiving Day clash. Rye led 12-0, but the Huskies scored to make it a 12-6 game as the clock wound down to its waning seconds. On the game’s final snap Harrison scored on a flea-flicker and converted the extra-point stunning the Garnets and cracking the longest winning streak in Westchester football history.

Coach Ben Bedini’s Garnets began another march toward destiny, when from ‘56-‘60 they again won 33 straight. Entering the final contest of the ‘60 season would history repeat itself with a Harrison upset or would the Garnets finally break through for a 34th straight win? It was déjà vu all over again when on a cold November Saturday two undefeated teams waged battle before a packed house at Harrison’s Feeley Field. In a teasing switch from the ‘55 game, Rye trailed 13-7 late in the 4th quarter as the Garnets drove to a 1st and goal at the Husky 1-yard line. On 4th down and inches, Rye ran a QB option only to be stopped for no gain by Husky tackle Jimmy Pauline who knifed through a block by his Rye cousin Bobby Pauline to stop Rye inches short of pay dirt, breaking the Garnet’s hearts once more and halting Rye’s second, 33-game victory skein. For decades Rye’s Bedini questioned his play calling on that final drive.

From ‘51 to ‘62, Rye dominated 10-2 and finally led the rivalry 16-13-2 following the ‘62 season.


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