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Rye Artist: in the NY Times, at the Rye Arts Center

If you missed it, there is a great write-up of the Irving Harper exhibit at Rye Arts Center in the NY Times:

"…Mr. Harper usually refuses to exhibit these personal works, which were made from 1963 to around 2000 as a means of relieving the stress of a demanding professional life. Trained as an architect, he spent his career as a designer and was the creator of such emblems of mid-20th-century home décor as the Ball Clock and the Marshmallow Sofa.


That was the first of more than 300 sculptures that ended up filling the 19th-century farmhouse in Rye, N.Y., where Mr. Harper has lived for six decades. They cover the walls, hang from the ceilings, perch on every surface: a trove of fanciful animals and figures, African-inspired masks, complex architectural structures and meticulously detailed abstractions."

Read the write-up.

The exhibit is at the Rye Arts Center thru December 6, 2014.


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