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Rye’s Parker to Astorino: “(Playland) boardwalk is still in shambles”

Rye resident and local pol Catherine Parker blasted County boss Rob Astorino on Playland Thursday. While nice the Ice Casino has re-opened, Parker said damage from Superstorm Sandy still remians and is being ignored.

Here is her PR missive:

Legislator Parker Urges Astorino Administration to Expedite Playland Repairs

Re-Opening of Ice Casino is “365 days late and nearly two million dollars short”

White Plains, NY – Westchester Legislator Catherine Parker (D-Rye) strongly urged County Executive Rob Astorino and his Administration to expedite work on crucial repairs and necessary maintenance of Playland, the County’s iconic 290-acre amusement park and recreation facility. Parker also criticized the delays in repairing the Ice Casino at Playland, which resulted in the loss of nearly two millions dollars of revenue during the 2013-2014 season.

“Two years after damage incurred from Superstorm Sandy, the entire north boardwalk is still closed to the public and fenced off because it is still in a state of destruction, which is unacceptable,” said Parker. “The Administration has tried to characterize the necessary repair work at Playland as being ‘ahead of schedule,’ but other municipalities, including New York City, have fixed and renovated their storm-ruined structures long ago.”

In April 2014 Astorino trumpeted the newly rebuilt Playland boardwalk on the south side of the amusement park, near the beach, without mentioning that contracts for repairs of the north stretch of the boardwalk had not even been bid out. Parker visited Playland earlier this week, and the wrecked remnants of the boardwalk are clearly visible, with much of the torn apart planking yet to be removed.

“The Administration has simply put a fence around the damaged boardwalk,” Parker said, adding that county residents wanting to visit Playland and stroll along the boardwalk up to the Edith G. Read Wildlife Sanctuary have to detour through the parking lot.

A good deal of regular maintenance of Playland, like painting and paving work, is not being completed on an annual basis either, Parker also noted, giving the park a sense of general deterioration.

“I think it’s shameful that County Executive Astorino would talk about preserving Playland and modernizing its facilities on one side of the park while clearly neglecting the park as a whole,” Parker said. “A short walk from his photo-op today the boardwalk is still in shambles.”

Legislator Parker’s criticism follows Astorino’s announcement today that the Ice Casino at Playland is finally being re-opened—two years after Superstorm Sandy severely damaged the roof of the building and caused flooding inside. Westchester County Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPWT) Commissioner Jay Pisco assured members of the Westchester County Board of Legislators (BOL) in November 2012 that the Ice Casino would be ready for the 2013-2014 season.

“While I’m pleased that residents will finally able to skate once again at the Ice Casino, the reality here is that this project is 365 days late and nearly two million dollars of anticipated revenue short,” said Parker. “I want us to remember what still needs to be done at Playland. Let’s show our pride and love for this magnificent County park by honestly dedicating resources and efforts to its repair and upkeep.”


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