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Former Rye Golf Manager Yandrasevich Headed to Slammer


(PHOTO: No mulligan for Yandrasevich.) 

Former Rye Golf Club Manager Yandrasevich pleased guilty and is headed to the slammer. It looks like Rye City will be paid some restitution but will also need to pursue an insurance claim to regain both all losses and legal expenses associated with the Rye Golf Club debacle.

Rye Mayor Joe Sack told MyRye.com "Based on our own investigation, we knew that he cheated and stole from the City of Rye. Now he has finally admitted it in a court of law. So this is vindication for us."

See details on LoHud.com:

"Rye Golf Club's former manager pleads guilty

Scott Yandrasevich, 50, is expected to be sentenced to 1 year in jail

WHITE PLAINS – The former general manager of the Rye Golf Club pleaded guilty Thursday to grand larceny and falsifying records, acknowledging he scammed the city-owned club out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Scott Yandrasevich, 50, is expected to be sentenced sometime next year to serve one year in the county jail if he pays $271,120 in restitution to Rye by his sentencing. If he cannot pay back the money in time, he will still owe it, but will also face a stiffer sentence of one to three years in state prison, according to the terms of the plea deal.

"When faced with the potential consequences of going to trial Mr. Yandrasevich decided to resolve the case," his lawyer, Kerry Lawrence, said in a statement after the plea. "Mr. Yandrasevich gave his heart and soul to Rye Golf Club while he was General Manager, and his tireless, outstanding, innovative work there brought the club to a standard it had never reached before. He is glad to put this episode behind him."

Yandrasevich had faced a sentence of up to 15 years in prison if he had been convicted at trial."

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