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Rye BOE Wants You!: Committee Members Needed

The Rye Board of Ed needs your help:

The Rye City School District Board of Education is seeking community members to volunteer to serve on several of its committees. The committees’ role is to offer thoughtful and critical recommendations for the effective and efficient operation of the schools.  Committees focus on specific, annual charges and report progress at Board of Education meetings periodically throughout the year. 

The committees in need of members are the Audit Committee, the Curriculum Council Committee, the Facilities Committee and the Finance Committee.  Charges for these committees are listed below, along with descriptions of the committees’ roles and meeting schedules.

Interested volunteers should complete the application available on the home page of the District web site or by clicking here and return it to Sarah Derman at 411 Theodore Fremd Avenue, Suite 100S, Rye, NY 10580, or via email at dermans@ryeschools.org

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee’s work is guided by applicable law and Board Policy.  The Committee’s purpose is to oversee and carry out the Board’s audit policies and the performance of related duties and responsibilities. The District’s Audit Committee shall be comprised of at least three Board members with staggered terms and an appropriate number of community members. Employees of the School District are prohibited from serving on the committee.

Committee Charge

  1. Meet with auditors and recommend internal and external audit plans to the Board, specifying the areas of District operations to be reviewed for compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, operating efficiency and effectiveness.
  2. Receive and review the resulting audit reports; and propose recommendations to the Board for action as may be necessary and appropriate, these include:
    • Review the External Audits and Management Letter by October 2014
    • Review Internal Audit Risk Assessment Update by December 2014
    • Recommend another area to audit based on risk assessment
    • Review the results of the GASB 45 actuarial analysis update in June 2015
    • Periodically review the monthly reporting of Claims Auditor Findings to the Board. The Committee Chair shall meet with and directly receive any reports of concern about waste, abuse, or fraud from the Claims Auditor 
  3. Receive and review the management response to each audit report.

Perform any other responsibilities outlined by the Board.  It is not the intent of the Board of Education that the Audit Committee participate in or be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the School District or in the decisions that are the responsibility of the Superintendent of Schools or the Business Official, or the other District administrators.

Meeting Schedule

The Audit Committee meets five times a year.


Curriculum Council Committee

The Curriculum Council Committee was formed to provide structure, guidelines, and procedures for development and review of new course proposals.  It also serves as a forum to discuss and provide feedback regarding educational matters.

Committee Charge

  1. Review new course offering and curriculum proposals
  2. Make recommendations to the Superintendent for the development and adoption of curriculum proposals by the Board of Education
  3. Provide feedback on educational initiatives, at the request of the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent

Meeting Schedule

The Curriculum Committee meets a minimum of four times a year.


Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee meets to discuss building and physical plant issues critical to the District.  It presents findings and recommendations to the RCSD Board of Education.  It continues to address facility Health and Safety issues as a top priority. 

Committee Charge

  1. Review and update the state required Five Year Facilities Plan
  2. Identify a liaison to the District-Wide Health and Safety Committee 
    • Review the findings of the Annual Visual Inspection and identify and  recommend 2014-2015 Capital Projects Plan for Board consideration
    • Integrate the one year Capital Projects Plan, the Five Year Facilities Plan and the long term facilities outlook into a comprehensive district wide forward facilities planning framework

Meeting Schedule

The Facilities Committee meets three times a year.


Finance Committee

The Board of Education’s Finance Committee reviews matters relating to the finances of the District as they relate to debt issuance and debt refinancing as well as the investment of District funds.  After consultation with the Board, the Board Members sitting on the Finance Committee will work with appropriate City representatives to consider the possibility of reassessment as a means to address the continuing cost and expense of tax certiorari proceedings.

Committee Charge

  • Discuss various options for bond issuance during the spring of 2014 and recommend a course to the Board of Education
  • Monitor financial conditions for opportunities for existing debt refinancing

Meeting Schedule

The Finance Committee will meet as needed.



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