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Ugly Sweater Winners at Rye High + Middle School

They should have just donated these to the Rye Middle School clothing drive….

On December 17th, Rye High School and Middle School celebrated Ugly Sweater Day. Faculty and Staff were invited to wear their ugliest sweaters. Many responded by wearing their ugliest holiday sweaters.

Photos were taken of the faculty and staff upon arrival, and appeared on the monitors in the building throughout the day. Students voted for their favorites via ballots. The results were tallied, and the winners were announced December 18th.

The winners:

Math and Science Teachers Ugly Sweater Day

High School Math Teacher Alexa DeVito won in the female category (Alexa is the one in the group of Math and Science Teachers who is wearing the brownish sweater).

Dann Kenefick Ugly Sweater Day

Dann Kenefick, the Library Media Specialist, won in the male category.


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