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Rye Teacher in Test Mess Speaks

Carin Mehler, the Rye teach at the Obsorn Elementary School still caught in the test mess dating back to 2013, spoke out for the first time in an interview with LoHud.com:

"Carin Mehler is being paid $150,000 to $200,000 in salary and benefits while the Rye school district decides what formal charges to bring against her, said her lawyer, Arthur Schwartz. The lack of a charge has prevented the tenured teacher from having a state-required administrative hearing that will determine her future…

In Mehler's case, the district never clarified the allegation with a formal charge. For about a year, she was assigned to a room by herself, stacking books by grade level, in what the Rye Teachers Union called "solitary confinement." This year, she's been told to stay home during school hours and make fourth-grade lesson plans. Mehler said she doesn't know whether the district uses any of her work…

Rye Teacher in Test Mess TMehler said the district's delaying tactics aim to coerce her into a settlement but that she won't back down. Topol and Coppola agreed to pay fines in exchange for being reinstated, she said, but she won't consider that option.

"I am not paying a dime for something I didn't do," Mehler said."

Read the entire LoHud interview.


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