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Basements, Missile Silos, Zoning & Toilet Paper

Sewer TP

(PHOTO: toilet paper and other nastiness backing up out of a sewer drain and onto Rye City streets.)

Rye resident John Mayo-Smith is at it again. Publisher of a web site called zoningplan.org, Mayo-Smith is calling for an end to the "basement loophole" that allows an unlimited basement size. "Above ground, building size is regulated; below ground, it’s a free-for-all. Rye’s zoning has so many loopholes there’s nothing to stop basements the size of missile silos," Mayo-Smith said in an email.

According to Mayo-Smith, limiting such "McBasements" means:

  1. Less rock hammering
  2. Fewer sewer leaks
  3. Less loopholes (just like attics)

Watch the video:


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