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Bomb Threats, Guns and Now It’s Coyotes at Rye Schools

You can't make this up…

The Rye police have been called to protect kids at Osborn School from a coyote sighting earlier on Monday. There will be an indoor dismissal and students are advised not to walk home alone. No word from the Osborn Senior Home and what evasive measures they may be taking.

From Rye schools to Osborn parents via email today:

"Dear Rye City School District Parents and Guardians,

Two coyotes were observed on the grounds of the Osborn School and the Osborn Senior Home throughout the course of the morning today. The Rye Police Department has been notified, but to ensure the safety of our students, we implemented an indoor dismissal for both noon and afternoon dismissals today at the Osborn School. We do not recommend any students be allowed to walk home unaccompanied if they pass in the vicinity of the Osborn School. If you need assistance with changing your child’s dismissal plan, please contact the front office of your school.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Frank Alvarez"


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