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BOMB Letter to Parent: FBI Has Been Called

In another follow-up to today's bomb threat, the school district said in a letter to parents the threat was written on a bathroom wall and that the FBI has been contacted for help. In part the letter says: "the Westchester County Police have reached out to the FBI and that the High Tech Crime Bureau in the Assistant District Attorney's office is engaged in the investigation".

Read the letter:

March 9, 2015

Dear Rye City School District Parents and Community:

This morning, Rye High School was made aware of a bomb threat to the joint Middle and High School building. The threat came in the form of writing on the wall of a boys’ bathroom.

Principal Patricia Taylor notified the Rye City Police Department and ordered a building evacuation shortly after 9:30 a.m. The faculty and staff promptly evacuated the Middle and High School students across the street, a safe distance from the building, and then onward to indoor evacuation locations. It is not the District’s policy to reveal these locations during the time of the evacuation for safety reasons, but we can now tell you that the Middle School students evacuated to Osborn School, and the High School students to Midland School.

The Rye City Police Department and County Police thoroughly examined the Middle and High School building with the help of bomb-sniffing dogs. They deemed the building was safe; and students, faculty and staff were permitted to return to the building at 11:45 a.m. The Middle School students were bused back to campus, while High School students returned on foot so as to return to classes as quickly as possible. Fortunately, today’s weather was mild.

We understand that parents and guardians are frustrated and concerned by these continued threats. We want you to know that the Westchester County Police have reached out to the FBI and that the High Tech Crime Bureau in the Assistant District Attorney's office is engaged in the investigation into the threats. The District continues to cooperate with all of these law enforcement entities in every way possible.

While we would like to provide more information, this is an ongoing Police matter. We have been specifically asked by law enforcement not to reveal details that might hamper their investigation.

We will be asking the building principals to speak to the students about these threats, not only to assure them of their safety and to provide information about counseling available, but also to apprise them of the ramifications and consequences of these threats. 

Thank you for your continued cooperation, calm and patience.

Frank Alvarez


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