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Rye High Juniors Run Birthday Angel Program for Kids of Incarcerated Women

Well, this is a super nice kind thing for kids who have wound-up on the short end of the stick, thanks to Rye High juniors Emilie Hasselmann and Caroline Franchella:

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Be an Angel and buy a birthday gift for a child whose mother is either in prison or has recently been released. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Birthday Angel program, we get a list of all the children associated with Hour Children in Queens, NY. Hour Children is a non-profit which provides a home for the children of incarcerated women. After the mothers are released from prison they are provided with a place to live and reunite with their children while they start a new life.

If you would like to be an Angel again or for the first time please let us know. You can even specify the month that works best for you. The details are listed below. 

Contact: Louise Sullivan childrenscollective@gmail.com

Details: Emilie Hasselmann and Caroline Franchella (our co-Chairs and RHS Juniors) will send you an email with all the details including your child's name, birth date and address. You then buy your child an age appropriate birthday gift ($25 to $35), wrap it and send it to them with a card saying from your Birthday Angel.

You can bring your wrapped gift to the Rye UPS Store 222 Purchase St. Rye and they will ship it for free. You can also send it from Amazon if you opt for the gift wrap option (the children LOVE getting a wrapped gift!). Your child will receive little if anything else for his or her birthday. You can not imagine how excited they get when their gift arrives.


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