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Astorino Says Major Playland News Tuesday

Westchester County Exec Astorino says major Playland news is coming Tuesday. He plans to make the announcement at 11am at Playand. Just last Friday, Westchester County Legislator and Rye resident Catherine Parker sent an email to constituents complaining about the CE's information vacuum:  

"This issue of communication would also foster the sense that we are all on the same team, we all want to see a better arrangement for Playland, and we are all eager to see success. Unfortunately, the lack of information, including that contained in the County Executive’s unnecessary $100,000 report, does nothing to quell the sense that there may be those in the administration that are continuing to hamper Playland's future.  It saddens me to see the jewel of the Westchester County Park system in effect, held for ransom by those individuals."

Here is the Astorino teaser:

County Executive Robert P. Astorino will make a major announcement regarding the future of the county-owned Playland amusement park on Tuesday, April 14, at 11 a.m. on the park’s boardwalk near the pier.
In the event of rain, the announcement will be made in the Ice Casino.

WHO: Rob Astorino, Westchester County Executive

WHAT: Major announcement regarding the future of Playland.

WHERE: Rye Playland
1 Playland Parkway
Rye, NY
*On the boardwalk

WHEN: Tuesday, April 14

11 a.m.



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