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Car Careens Out of Control at Little League Parade, No One Hurt


(PHOTO: The car moments after it careened through the parking lot and crashed into the curb.)

The annual Rye Little League parade, when baseball teams, parents and VIPs assemble at the Rye station parking lot and march through town, is a cherished Rye tradition.

On Saturday, at the 58th annual parade, a car scheduled to be used in the parade careened out of control in the train station lot, clearing a sea of people before crashing into the curb and coming to a stop. No one was seriously hurt.

Simple fast thinking, lots of screaming and a fireman leaping into the vehicle and steering it into the curb kept folks safe and prevented what could have been more damage. The out of control maroon convertible was headed towards a Rye PD squad car. No one was seriously hurt.


(PHOTO: The parade must go on… The baseball players marched past the crash.)



  1. So are we to understand that the car took off all by itself? No driver? No passengers? No children in the car?

    Was this caused by human error?
    Your article says “no one was seriously hurt”…was anyone hurt? anyone taken to the hospital and or treated for injuries?


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