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Latimer Wants Update on I-287 / I-95 Interchange Project Stalled Since 90s

State Senator and Rye resident George Latimer sent over this PR, where he is asking for an update on Thurway work that the State originally indicated would be completed back in the 90s. The work, at the interchange of I-287 and I-95, is "An important Rye story, affecting Midland Avenue, Grace Church Street et. al.," Laimer told MyRye.com. The work would result, according to Latimer, is a safer road and in noise abatement.

The details:

Is the Thruway Authority’s “Last Mile” Project last on the list?

In a recent letter to NYS Thruway Acting Director Robert Megna, Senator George Latimer (D-Westchester, 37th S.D.) asked for the current status of the long-overdue “Last Mile” Thruway reconstruction project, that would cover the one-mile stretch from Exit 22 – Midland Avenue north top the Byram River Bridge that leads into Connecticut. The project was originally part of a full reconstruction of the New England section of the thruway, begun in the 1990s, which reconstructed the road bed, added sound barriers to protect residential neighbors, reconstructed bridge overpasses of local roads over the Thruway from the Bronx border to Rye. With great fanfare, the Thruway Authority announced plans to start to complete the project back in 2004-2005; the Authority held public meetings for press and residents’ input; met with local municipal elected officials to deal with issues such as re-routing of traffic, placement of work staging areas, and the like.

The Last Mile project involved the reconstruction of the I-287 access ramp into northbound I-95 – a very dangerous spot; reconstruction of the Grace Church Street Bridge; long needed sound barriers alongside Gray Rock North and other affected neighborhoods, along with the full re-do of the roadway.

“There were charts and renderings of the work contemplated”, noted State Senator Latimer, who was then a Westchester County Legislator, “and a vigorous community discussion. And then, nothing. For a decade”, Senator Latimer stated.

Latimer surmises that the financial need of building a new Tappan Zee Bridge may have reallocated whatever resources may have been set aside for the Last Mile, but no formal announcement had ever been made. Now, with a new team of managers and leaders in place at the Thruway Authority, after a recent shake-up, Latimer wants the community to know what the status is.

“The neighbors are still enduring noise. The road bed – which is being fixed again along the other mileposts on the Thruway from their 1990s upgrade – is worse than ever. The potential for fatal accidents in the transition from I-287 to I-95 remains high. This is a necessary, important public improvement project”, Latimer added.

The Senator hopes the Thruway Authority will re-engage in a dialogue with local governments and residents are re-start the clock on The Last Mile…”especially in light of Connecticut’s plans to reinstitute tolls at the CT-NY border, the project is urgently needed”, he concluded.


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