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UPDATED: Rye High Drops 13 Places to #81 on US News List

UPDATED: Rye Schools added important perspective on this one: 

Sarah Derman, Public Information Officer at Rye City School District, dropped MyRye.com a note explaining that the movement is attributable to more charter and magnet schools: "Our rankings are the same as last year – #2 in the state and #4 in the country when looking at open enrollment schools.   Yes, we are #81 in the country (vs. # 68 last year) when you look at charter and magnet schools. The reason we have moved is because there are more charter and magnet schools – no other reason.  Please update your story online to include this information. In my opinion, you can't compare open-enrollment schools to ones who require above a certain grade on a test and or an application for admittance."

MyRye.com appreciates the clarification.

Us news schools 2015

Rye High School ranked high on the US News top high school list but still managed to drop seven places from #61 in 2013 to #68 in 2014 and another 13 places to #81 on the national list in 2015.

Rye High also ranked #11 across all of New York State and #136 in the US News STEM rankings (a measure of student participation and performance on math and science AP exams).

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