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Lion Attack Victim From Rye


A woman killed this week in a lion attack in South Africa is originally from Rye. The woman, Katherine Chappell (see LinkedIn profile), was riding through a lion park when she was mauled via an open window in her vehicle. The window should have been closed.

More in the News:

"A New York native who worked on “Game of Thrones” as a visual-effects artist has been identified as the woman fatally mauled by a lion while snapping photos from an open car window in a South African wildlife park.

Katherine Chappell, 29, who grew up in the Westchester town of Rye, was killed Monday when the beast lunged at her through he window.

Chappell, who studied at Hofstra University on Long Island, was mourned by her grieving family on Facebook."

Read the entire story at the NY Post.

  • "Katherine Chappell was taking pictures out of 4X4 up until moment the lioness launched herself through the open window, say park officials 
  • The 29-year-old visual effects editor, originally from Rye, New York, was in South Africa to help protect animals from poachers 
  • Worked on a 2014 Emmy winning episode of TV drama Game of Thrones 
  • Tour guide Pierre Potgieter, 66, told MailOnline how he suffered a heart attack and serious arm injuries trying to fend off the big cat
  • The South African said he desperately tried to stop the bleeding in her neck
  • He denied they were driving around with the windows open as others have claimed – insisting Miss Chappell opened the window at the last moment"

Read the entire story at Daily Mail.


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