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Long Road Ahead for Forest Ave Sidewalk

A local citizen band presented last week at Rye City Council about installing a sidewalk on part of Forest Avenue. MyRye.com caught up with one of the organizers, Kelsey Johnson, after the city council cabal.

"Annually in August the city (planner and manager) presents a recommended "capital improvement project" or cip budget for the city council to review and use to build the actual city budget in November. This budget is a 5 year plan of capital improvements. Just because something makes it to the cip does not mean it is actually funded as this occurs in the annual city council budgeting process but it is a necessary first step. The ultimate cost estimate of the project will come out of the study we propose but Brian Dempsey mentioned sidewalk implementation may be "a couple hundred thousand dollars" as an early guess," said Johnson.

Sidewalk locations

(PHOTO: The red lines show the approximate side walk locations.)

"The study would entail a detailed survey of area, engineering and architect planning advice and implementation review which could all cost up to $50,000 (for the study alone).  They would use the study to offer various viable options with cost estimates for the city council to approve (examples they have offered include road widening with sidewalk on one side, road "shift" to eliminate shoulder with sidewalk on one side, changing forest to one way street and using half for vehicle traffic and other half of street for pedestrian/bike lane). There remain more questions than answers and if the study is actually funded next year the city will be able to supply cost estimates and viable options for review."

Sidewalk location forest pic



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