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Rye Planning Commission Tuesday: Wetlands, Dock, Clubhouse

The planning commission is Tuesday, June 23, 2015. We've got wetland permits, a dock on Pine Island and clubhouse work at Shenorock Shore Club.

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Held in the City Council Hearing Room of the Rye City Hall


1. 980 Forest Avenue
Required Approval(s): Wetland Permit (WP#375) MODIFICATION
Location: 980 Forest Avenue, Sheet 153.14, Block 1, Lot(s) 46
Applicant: Anthony Cassano
Project Description: Modification of previously approved wetland permit to add a retaining wall in the 100-foot wetland buffer.

2. 69 Theodore Fremd Avenue (Will be adjourned to the 7/21/15 meeting) Required Approval(s): Site Plan(SP#356) & Wetland Permit (WP#394) Location: 69 Theodore Fremd Avenue, Sheet 146.7, Block 2,
Lot(s) 1
Applicant: CPD Energy c/o Harfenist Kraut & Perlstein LLP
Project Description: Remove the existing repair bay and convert the entirety of the existing structure into a convenience store.

3. 600 Midland Avenue
Required Approval(s): Site Plan (SP#357) & Wetland Permit (WP#395)
Location: 600 Midland Avenue, Sheet 146.08, Block 1, Lot(s) 3
Applicant: 600 Midland Avenue, LLC
Project Description: Project includes a ground-floor addition to an existing two-story-office building and installation of sidewalks and fencing within a 100-foot wetland buffer.

4. 16 Pine Island Road

Required Approval(s): Wetland Permit(WP#397)
Location: 16 Pine Island Road, Sheet 153.15, Block 1, Lot(s) 24
Application: Kevin & Margaret O’Callaghan
Project Description: The installation of a recreational dock system. The proposed aluminium ramp is 3 feet wide, by 50 feet long and contains handrails. The proposed timber landing float is 4 ft wide by 22 feet long, and the proposed main timber float is 8 feet wide by 20 feet long. The total square footage of the proposed docks is 398 square feet.


1. 980 Forest Avenue

See Description Above

2. 69 Theodore Fremd Avenue
See Description Above

3. 600 Midland Avenue

See Description Above

4. 16 Pine Island Road

See Description Above

5. Shenorock Shore Club

Required Approval(s): Site Plan(SP#358) & Wetland Permit (WP#396)
Location: 475 Stuyvesant Avenue, Sheet 153.18, Block 1, Lot(s) 9
Applicant: Shenorock Shore Club
Project Description: Replacing a portion of the main Clubhouse damaged by fire in the 1970’s. Also an expansion to the existing cabanas facilities.

6. Minutes


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