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Mehler to Return the Classroom

Carin Mehler is back in the classroom. The Osborn teacher, one of four teachers suspended in the "test mess" was notified she would be teaching sixth grade this fall. It can't be an accident she was assigned to the Middle School an is not back at Osborn.

LoHud.com has the story:

"Carin Mehler, then a fourth-grade teacher at the Osborn School, refused to settle with the district after she was removed from the classroom in May 2013 with three other teachers.

She had been put on paid administrative reassignment and was getting $150,000 to $200,000 in salary and benefits while the district decided whether to bring formal charges against her. The lack of a charge prevented the tenured teacher from having a state-required administrative hearing that would determine her future.

On Friday, the district sent Mehler a letter saying she would be assigned to teach sixth-grade social studies in September at Rye Middle School. The district also put out a statement saying officials decided not to pursue charges.

"The district wishes to spare children the experience of being subpoenaed, testifying before a hearing officer, and being subjected to cross-examination by Mrs. Mehler's attorney," the statement said.

Mehler's Manhattan-based lawyer, Arthur Z. Schwartz, said she was denied due process and is owed an apology. Schwartz also said they are deciding whether to sue the district for damaging her reputation. Federal and state lawsuits filed by Mehler challenging the district's actions during her reassignment were dismissed."

Read the full story.


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