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800 Pound Woman with Wild Hair on Lawn of Rye Art Center

It's true.

There is an 800 pound woman. With wild hair. On the lawn of the RAC.

Untitled- (Woman with Wild Hair) is an 800-pound cast bronze sculpture that stands more than six feet tall. It was sculpted in 2014 in one of the world’s largest foundries located in Nanchang, China; a region that has been casting bronze for more than 4,000 years.

Bob Clyatt with Sculpture

(PHOTO: Clyatt with his lady friend on the RAC lawn.)

This lovely lady was created by by Rye’s very own, Bob Clyatt. “I am a big believer in more public art, particularly sculpture, and am involved in multiple initiatives to help bring more public art to Rye,” said Clyatt.

The Rye Arts Center is expanding beyond its walls to present Art On The Lawn, an ongoing public art exhibition. Utilizing its prominent and spacious front lawn, The Rye Arts Center will present a series of large-scale sculptures for passersby and visitors.

Clyatt juxtaposes a carefully modeled face with abstractly modeled hair. “It is fun working both ways and letting them find a way to coexist in the finished piece.”

Installation of the piece was completed on Wednesday, August 13. It will remain on the lawn of 51 Milton Road in Rye, NY through the fall, when a new piece will take its place.

“Traditionally, we fill the gallery with exciting works, now we are moving onto the lawn,” says Meg Rodriguez, Executive Director of The Rye Arts Center. “Our highly-visible lawn gives us a great opportunity to spark a public conversation. The hundreds of cars and pedestrians that pass by each day will have the common experience of interacting with this massive sculpture.”


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