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Rye Dem Chair: Sack is “Defensive”

MyRye.com Guest Column

By Meg Cameron, Chair, Rye City Democratic Committee

In his recent MyRye guest column, the Mayor, commenting on the LWV City Council debate, offered some defensive remarks about the current City Council’s performance and some negative ones about Council candidates Emily Hurd, Danielle Tagger-Epstein and Jeff Taylor.

It is unfortunate that the Mayor is so sensitive about honest criticism of City policies. The broader reaction from many viewers was excitement about Emily, Danielle and Jeff’s presentations.

All residents would benefit from viewing the debate. (You can see it here.) Viewers can decide for themselves which candidates would improve our community’s quality of life while being mindful of taxpayers’ dollars.

The debate reveals many differences between the tickets. Viewers will find that Emily, Danielle and Jeff:

  • side with Rye residents who want to preserve the charm of their neighborhoods and the financial value of their homes 
  • recognize that Rye parents need sidewalks on which they can safely push their children’s strollers 
  • would be proactive instead of reacting too late to issues like the Starwood development
  • care whether Rye seniors have place to meet year round

Emily, Danielle and Jeff are currently raising their families in Rye, serving on the boards of Rye organizations and providing leadership in numerous other Rye activities. I hope they will soon be using their energy and enthusiasm to represent us on the Rye City Council, as well.

Meg Cameron
Chair, Rye City Democratic Committee


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