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The OG: Rye Garnet Football vs. Hendrick Hudson Sailors is Friday Night

A Rye football game preview by the OG. Game time is this Friday night at home, 7pm:

By The Old Garnet

Henry Hudson, a for-hire English Sea Captain, was last seen in 1611 being cast adrift by a mutinous crew in the body of water later to become known as Hudson Bay.  He and seven crew members including his son were never seen again.  Perhaps the HENDRICK HUDSON SAILORS might feel the same this Friday night at 9:30PM after their encounter with the RYE GARNETS?

Last time the Rye Garnets crossed bows in 2013 with the Blue and White, these sailors from Indian Point walked the plank with the Garnets boarding the Sailors 40-0.  In his career as ship captain Hudson would journey four times across the Atlantic to the New World.  With one less skirmish reported since pre-colonial times, the Garnets are at the masthead and in the crow’s nest at 2-1-0 (.667). 

This Friday, October 23, the # 8 seeded Sailors sail up Blind Brook to Nugent Bay for a Section One, Class A Quarter-final battle with the undefeated, # 1 ranked Rye Garnets, with sails unfurling at 7:00PM.

When originally commissioned in 1609 by the Dutch East India Company, Hudson was to search for the westward passage to China.  Although an Englishman, when hired by the Dutch, Hudson’s first name transformed from Henry and became Hendrick. 

Well you can call the Old Garnet Henry, or you can call me Hendrick, these Sailors probe and explore, but drift ashore, to be marooned once more, on the short end of the score, with the game being a snore. 

Like last week OG goes for symmetry – Garnets 40 – Sailors 0, mirroring the 2013 result

In 1609 it took Hudson ten days to travel from New York Bay to where Albany is situated today in his vlieboot, a two to three masted, small and fleet carrack constructed with shallow draft to navigate the low waters of river estuaries.  It will seem like that long of a bus ride back to Montrose for these modern-day, but vanquished Sailors.


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