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The OG: Rye Garnet Football vs Yorktwon Cornhuskers is friday Night

A Rye football game preview by the OG. Game time is this Friday night at home, 7pm:

By The Old Garnet

This week the RYE GARNETS host a return engagement with the YORKTOWN CORNHUSKERS, or Huskers as they are commonly known. It is a contest of the pre-tourney #1 seeded Garnets and the #5 ranked Huskers.  In the other bracket we find the Our Lady of Lourdes Warriors at #3 visiting the surprising #2 rated Eastchester Eagles. Almost 100% “true to form” this season’s playoffs have yielded match-ups of the #1 vs. #5, and #2 vs. #3, seeded teams.  Only Brewster at #4 did not survive and advance last week having fallen to Yorktown in the quarter-finals.

Continuing to weave history into football, earlier in this campaign the Garnets shucked the Huskers 31-20 in the season’s third game.  Like Washington over Cornwallis at the 1781 Battle of Yorktown (VA), Rye dominates at 3-0-0 in the short history of a football series.

This Friday, October 30, just prior to All Hallows Eve, the Huskers bring their Caterpillar Tractor Offense overland to Nugent Field for a Section One, Class A Semi-final contest with the undefeated #1 Garnets of Rye.  7PM marks the harvest of the first cornstalk.

You may not know, but at that famous British “Waterloo” in Yorktown, VA, General Charles Cornwallis of the British Regiment was boxed in by the Americans on land and a French naval blockade in the York River and at sea.  His 9,000 troops were undermanned and overwhelmed by 17,000 American and French soldiers under the command of Washington and Rochambeau and supported by Marquis de Lafayette that famous ally. 

You could predict this Old Garnet equates the Yorktown Huskers to the British while knowing full well the Garnets will perform against Yorktown just like the Americans did at Yorktown in 1781.  Speaking of predictions, how does Washington 28 – Cornwallis 21 sound?  Like the flash of American cannons and muskets, right?  

Unlike Cornwallis who refused to attend the surrender ceremony, these Huskers are good sports and shake hands at game’s end.     


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