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Rye High Crew Land 13 Medals

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(PHOTO: Women’s Novice 8+. Cox: Samantha Herzog, Nola Storey, Iman Syed, Isla Scott, Izzie Spence, Felicity Johnson, Caroline Dailey,Mina Takegami, Izzy Kacha.)

Rye High School Crew earned eight gold, three silver and two bronze medals in the final regatta of the fall season- the 2015 Bill Braxton Memorial Regatta held at Mercer Lake, NJ on Sunday, November 8th 2015.   The competition consisted of 348 entries from 51 clubs in 33 races.

Men’s coach, Stan Nelson, said to his rowers: “… We finished 2nd in the overall medal count which is awesome!  This gives you all a strong foundation to build from, and shows how hard work pays off.”

And the women’s coach, Catharine Labine, said about the team “…The progress is evident in the results this fall, especially at the novice level. This bodes well for the future of RHS Girls Crew.”

Rowing team IMG_0316


  • Both the Novice Men’s and Women’s 8+ boats won Gold
  • Sophie Pankoff and Erica Kinstel won Gold in the Women’s Varsity 2x, continuing their success from last spring where they made it to [Scholastic] Nationals.
  • The Women’s Varsity Quad won Gold with Sophie Pankoff, Abbie Foresman, Erica Kinstel and Sharon Doyle
  • In the Men’s Varsity Doubles, Rye won 2 Gold medals in different flights for Adam Rudolph-Math/ Alex Sutherland and for Michael Batal/Tyler Clickner
  • The Men’s Varsity Quads posted 2 gold medals:  in Flight 1 for John Dailey, Tyler Clickner, Clemmi Borgogni, and Liam Wilson; and in flight 2 for Alex Sutherland, Tolo Sutherland, Adam Rudolph-Math, Tim Rudolph-Math


  • Women’s Novice Four:  Kacha, Johnson, Syed, Storey- Herzog (Cox)
  • Women’s Second Varsity Eight: McLoughlin, Ryan, Nisi, Fallon, Wilson C., Daniels, Myers, Pell- Neiman (Cox)
  • Men’s Second Varsity Eight –A:  Burke, Clarke, Foresman. Alex, Gomez, A., Gomez V., Clickner, Batal, Farres- McGowan (Cox)


  • Men’s Second Varsity Eight- B: Gilman, Goldman, Turk, J., Lepore, Luthringer, Malespin, Usry, Senkiw- Keegan (Cox)
  • Men’s Varsity Quad– Flight 3: Clark, Foresman, Burke, Farres


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