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Rye Meeting House Speaks for the Bees

Bird queen of the bees

This past Saturday, Rye's Meeting House screened the award-winning documentary film, Queen of the Sun. The film, compelling both visually and from a messaging standpoint, clearly lays out the severity of the bee crisis and it’s very real threat to human civilization. 

Bird House Outside IMG_6466

It was standing room only, including more than forty Rye Middle School students who were taking advantage of the fact that several of the science teachers offered the event as an extra credit assignment for their classes.

Bird House screening IMG_6452

If you missed it, you can view a trainer or rent the movie online for $2.99.

Meeting house glass

The Rye Meeting House is also raising money to repair its stained glass windows. You can make a donation towards the $13,000 budget needed. The Meeting House at one point was called Grace Chapel and was an annex for Christ’s Church. At that time, stained glass windows were installed, probably from the original church. In Hurricane Sandy, a tree fell against the back of the building and caused some damage to the windows. 


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