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Home Real Estate Rye: Most Expensive, Not Boring

Rye: Most Expensive, Not Boring

All of us in America are suckers for lists. We just want to know we rank higher that the next guy. And that we are better, or at least suck a little less.

And we embrace these things ever when the declaration is of dubious construction.

Well, good news… Rye City tops another list and according to a source is not boring…

First, according to the Coldwell Banker Home Listing Report, Rye is the most expensive community in all of New York State. The average listing price of a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home is $859,003. This is more than twice the New York State average of $362,161.

Home listing

Now, for those of us that actually live here vs. the goof that produced this report, we know $800K might get you an addition to your house but that's about it. It turns out Coldwell Banker combined home prices in Rye, Rye Brook and Port Chester to come up with the averages.

A quick check of the Coldwell Banker web site shows homes starting around $900K and rising to just shy of $10 million. 

And, if you think you will spend all your money on a home in our fine city and be bored, not to worry. Gotham Magazine, "the go-to luxury publication spotlighting New York City's best celebrities, events, style, fine dining, culture, and philanthropy", has named Rye one of only six New York City suburbs where you won't be bored:

"As the youngest city in New York state, Rye is notable for its landmark heritage sites with nearly 900 acres of public parks, beautiful water views, a rigorous school system, and charitable programs. "Rye is paradise for people who love American history and outdoor recreation,” says Suzanne Clary, president of US founding father John Jay's former home, Jay Heritage Center. “For such a tiny city, it's big on generosity and warmth—almost everyone I know volunteers their time and creativity.” Also notable is Rye Playland, a historical landmark that houses some of the nation’s oldest roller coasters that date back to 1928."

Good think you didn't buy that house in Greenwich, can you imagine?




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