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Student Fan Bus for Rye Garnet Football Saturday

Fan bus

Rye will play Our Lady of Lourdes on Saturday, November 7th at 4:00 PM at Arlington High School for the Section One, Class A title and the Rye Football Association has arranged for fan buses.

  • Arrive at Rye Middle School at no later than 1:30pm for a PROMPT departure time of 2:00pm. An adult supervisor will be present on each bus. 
  • The cost will be $15 per student. This cost will cover an $8 ticket to the game, as well as the bus fare. The Rye Football Association is subsidizing the cost of the buses to keep the ticket price as low as possible. 
  • If you are interested in securing a place on the bus and a ticket to the game, you can reserve a spot by emailing rhsgarnetfan@gmail.com. Please provide your name, grade, cell phone number and an available parent's cell phone number
Release Waiver is at the Athletic Office or click here (if it doesn't pop up on your screen, it went to your download files) ! Please print it or pick it up and fill it out;waiver must be signed by parent.  
  • The money and waiver will be collected by the adult supervisor at check in on November 7. The game tickets will be distributed by the adult supervisor when the bus arrives at Arlington High School. 
  • Please note that game time is at 4:00pm. Your child should be getting back to Rye after the game at approximately 8:30pm.    
  • Every student should bring his/her cell phone so that he/she can be reached by a parent or the adult supervisor. 
  • This is considered a school sponsored event from the moment they get on the bus until they leave RHS at the end of the evening.  All school rules and policies relating to behavior apply and will be monitored closely by the adult supervisors. 
There will be absolutely NO food or beverages allowed on the bus.


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