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MyRye.com Turns Ten & Returns to Open Commenting

Keep Calm and Comment on MyRye.com

MyRye.com turns ten years old on New Year's Day—happy birthday to us and thank you for making MyRye.com such a vibrant part of our community. In our ten years, we have published over 3,000 stories and have hosted over 8,000 of your comments. We have routinely hosted guest columns from Rye Mayors, council members and other members of the community.

For the last two years, since the election season in November 2013, we initiated an experiment and suspended all “instant” commenting (all comments were instead moderated). Starting immediately, we are returning to our open commenting policy—all comments will be immediately published without filter. With this change we invite all citizens and community leaders to contribute to our community dialogue by adding their voices by using comments.

When we initiated our restrictive commenting policy in 2013, we were assured by those promoting Rye “civility initiatives” that once the “loud mouths” were drown out that more “civil” voices would more than take up the slack. The truth is this never happened—the “civil” voices remained quiet. So with this change, we issue a new challenge to those readers that love Rye to engage in robust, serious debate. Go ahead and add your point-of-view, add praise or criticism, but keep it clean.

Like we have always said, we simply provide the platform – you give us our voice through emails, comments and feedback. You are MyRye.com.

Once again, the biggest thanks goes to my wife Lauren Rosen and our three boys (if you like sports, read EthanSears.com) for giving me the time to write and to interact with all of you.

MyRye.com will be taking its annual break and will be on a slow burn until the New Year.

Best wishes to you and your families for 2016.

-Jay Sears, Publisher


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