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Economist Mag Calls Cuomo Tunnel “Fanciful”

The Economist magazine, reporting on the myriad of Governor Cuomo's infrastructure proposals, calls the proposed tunnel from Long Island to Rye (or somewhere very close by) "fanciful":

Cross Sound Link 11-2007

"…one of more than a dozen proposals Mr Cuomo announced in the run-up to his combined State of the State and budget address on January 13th. They ranged from the badly needed (a new line for the Long Island Railroad) to the fanciful (a tunnel under the Long Island Sound connecting New York to Connecticut)… Altogether the plans will cost around $100 billion.

“It was Christmas in January,” says Doug Muzzio, a political scientist at Baruch College. Mr Cuomo is yet to specify where all the money will come from…"

Read the full piece.


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